Moviestarplanet hack

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Moviestarplanet is a very popular game all around the world. The game remains some terms which very important to know for playing outstanding. “Starcoins” is a similar term what play a very good role in Moviesstarplanet.

Starcoins are mostly known as the currency on moviestarplanet. A gamer generally uses starcoins to buy boonies, furniture, cloths accessories and many other useful things. There are several ways to get starcoins. The best way to get starcoins is watching or producing movies. Watching a movie can bring a gamer 10 starcoins but movie maker’s coins number depends on watcher’s level.

You can also get 1-5 starcoins if you pet boonies. It depends on their size, physical condition, health etc. If your pet is ill you’ll get not more than 1 but if they are well then the number is 5. A user also can earn some starcoins by winning in a choice of 3 categories.


Diamond is considered as a premium currency in moviestarplanet free starcoins which was introduced on July 19th, 2012. Diamonds are usually used in buying exclusive cloths, items, animations etc. with diamonds you are able to do a “Diamond Ride”. It makes rain of starcoins in a chat room. You can send your friend a greeting by a diamond where you’ll receive 500 starcoins and 3000 fame.

Now there is only way to get diamonds is to buy VIP. If you became Elite VIP or Star VIP you can get them as a part of daily reward but you can’t recycle anything buy with diamonds.


Fame is basically used in Moviestarplanet to measure gamer’s progress in the game. If you earned enough your level will be up and gain a variety of perks. You can earn a variety of ways which is harder than others. Giving or receiving autographs and greetings play games, receiving views on your movies, spinning fame wheels can earn you fame in Moviestarplanet.